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Arena/Field Protective Netting

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 The arena protective netting is made from machine loomed 100% polyester thick twine. It comes with option of two colors (white or black), it comes with various of size of twine and size of mesh. 

 It can be used for hockey arena as spectators protective netting, soccer field, football field, baseball field barrier netting, Golf range protective netting, and many more.

This is a highly customize product, it needs to provide dimensions (length and Height), and it is usually finished in one of the three option:

  • Roped all around
  • taped all around and grommets
  • Raw netting


Specification Chart:


Model Twine Mesh  Resistance Color Fire Retardant
WT-1420 2.3mm
190 lbs
2.3mm 1-1/2" 180 lbs White no
WT-2840 2.8mm 1-3/4" 290 lbs White yes
WT-4000 3.5mm 4" 120 lbs White no
BL-1420 2.3mm 1-3/4" 190 lbs Black yes
BL-1500 2.3mm 1-1/2" 180 lbs Black
BL-2840 2.8mm 1-3/4" 290 lbs Black
BL-4000 3.5mm 4" 120 lbs Black
BL-1000 3mm 7/8" 295 lbs Black