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Court-1 Sports

Baseball Battling Cage

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Complete enclosures for outdoor or indoor baseball and softball battling practice. The standard size for single stalls is 40' in length and up to 70' or more, 12' in width and 12' in height. We keep in stock one standard size which is closed both ends with and entry door formed in one corner.

Note: For custom size, please contact us.


Model Number BC-1240

Standard Size

12' H x 12' W x 40' L



  • Netting: Main cage constructed from 2.5 mm knotless nylon netting with both ends from 3 mm knotted nylon for extra strength. 1-3/4" square mesh.
  • Treatment: To prolong life and protect netting from the elements ( sun, rain and wind), netting has been dyed black and bitumen tar treated.
  • Finishing: Cages are supplied complete and ready to mount on customer's frame. All borders are reinforced with 7 mm diameter black polyethylene rope.