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3.5 mm braided polyethylene tennis net

Top (6) meshes knitted double. Complete with double thickness vinyl headband, side pockets, bottom band and fiberglass dowels. 

Model Number TN-60
Official size 42' x 3'3" x 1-3/4" square mesh

Standard Cable length



Specification Chart:


Model Twine Dia Twine Type Lbs Tensile Top 6 Mesh Double Headband Material Side Pockets Fiberglass Dowels Weight lbs
TN-120 3.5mm braided polyester 328 yes 2mm polyester yes yes 22
TN-90 3.5mm braided polyethylene 310 yes 2mm polyester yes yes 19
TN-60 3.5mm braided polyethylene 310 yes double vinyl yes yes 20
TN-30 3mm braided polyethylene 285 no double vinyl yes yes 18
TN-10D 2.5mm twisted polyethylene 220 yes 1.5mm polyester yes yes 16
TN-5 2.5mm twisted polyethylene 220 no 1.5mm polyester no no 12