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Our Open mesh polyester windscreen comes with two color option: Black or Dark Green.


Hems and seams

Hems are (4) ply and reinforced with heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl. The 9' high windscreen have center seam reinforced. Sewn with #7 all weather polyester thread.



Brass, nickel plated spaced 12" apart on all four hems. Windscreen 9' high have (2) grommets spaced 2" apart every 5' on center seam.


Fastening devices for windscreen

Ty-raps Model PNT. Black self-locking.

Braided Twine Model RT-3. Black 1 lb. Tube. 


Model Number VP-6/G (6' H) or VP-9/G (9' H)


Black or Dark Green
Type of Coating Polyvinyl Chloride
Coating Distribution 50 / 50
Tensile (Grab) 230 lbs x 200 lbs/in.
Windbreak 75%
Standard Height 6' or 7' or 9'
Standard Length 60' (suggested maximum)
Weight 9 oz. sq. yard